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Majolica Travel S.r.l.s.

Via Don Orione, 30 | Palermo (Sicily)


Office (+39) 091 5077 283

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Marks & Logos Usage


© 2021-2024 Majolica Travel S.r.l.s. - All rights reserved | VAT n. 07003890824 | D.D.S. n. 137/S7

  • Majolica Travel S.r.l.s. (referred to in this Marks & Logo Usage agreement as "Majolica");
  • trademarks, logos, data, text, pricing, software, photographs, graphics, images, videos, illustrations, designs, icons, related documentation, and content (referred to collectively in this Marks & Logo Usage agreement as the "Marks");
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Majolica does not authorize Users to use the Marks as presented on the Site, and the associated goodwill, for purposes unrelated to Majolica.

Users may not alter or sell any Marks or grant any other person or entity any right to use the Marks unless otherwise agreed to by Majolica.


If there is a violation of the exclusive Majolica property right, Majolica reserves the right to take legal action in the interest of protecting the integrity of the Majolica brand.


Majolica may update the Marks posted by Majolica on the Site without notice from time to time. 


Users acknowledge that Majolica owns all rights, titles, and interests in and to the Marks and their associated goodwill. Users further acknowledge that the Marks have acquired secondary meaning in the minds of the public. Accordingly, Users receive no rights to the Marks, express or implied.

Users will not register, directly or indirectly, any trademark, service mark, trade name, company name, Internet domain name, or other proprietary or commercial right that is identical or confusingly similar to the Marks or constitutes translations thereof.


Users will immediately notify Majolica if Users learn (i) of any potential or actual infringement of the Marks by a third party or (ii) that the use of the Marks may infringe the proprietary rights of a third party. Majolica will determine the steps to be taken under these circumstances. In addition, Users agree to (i) provide Majolica with the assistance that Majolica may reasonably request and (ii) take no steps on its own without Majolica's prior approval.