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Majolica Travel S.r.l.s.

Via Don Orione, 30 | Palermo (Sicily)


Office (+39) 091 5077 283

Mob. ​(+39) 327 619 0641

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Incoming Tour Operator in Sicily

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A Sicilian, her Island, and her Idea

THE SICILIAN My name is Marialuisa, and I was born in Sicily. I currently reside in Palermo and enjoy traveling, indulging in delicious cuisine, and exploring Sicily on my motorcycle alongside my husband.
With years of experience in the tourism industry, I possess the expertise to tailor personalized trips to Sicily.
As a Travel Consultant with extensive knowledge, I take pride in presenting my homeland to avid travelers. Rather than offering a tourist's perspective, I provide an insider's view of Sicily. My goal is to ensure that my guests fully immerse themselves in the heart of this beautiful region. 

From the guided tour of the Valley of the Temples to wine tasting in a charming winery on Mount Etna, I personally try the services and experiences included in the itineraries I propose to my guests. I must admit that I enjoy it very much!

Incoming Tour Operator in Sicily
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THE ISLAND I aim to make Sicily known from a new perspective. Knowing its history, beauties, and more, respecting the territory and the people who live it.
Sicily is a singular land, full of charm, stories, and even contradictions, unfortunately, which distinguish it from the rest of the world. Sicily is a proud land, which always manages to fascinate and enrich those who have the luck to live it for a lifetime, or a few days just traveling. Sicily always strikes, intrigues, and feeds travelers' fantasies. Sicily is also a challenge for us who constantly live it, love it forever for better or worse.

Palermo - Majolica TravelThe Valley of the Temples - Majolica TravelSelinunte - Majolica TravelSicilian Olive - Majolica TravelBonajuto Chocolate in Modica - Majolica TravelPalermo Shore Excursions - Majolica Travel

Our island boasts a rich heritage encompassing culture, history, art, and nature. To truly appreciate this land, a traveler should experience it through the eyes of a local who, like myself, is intimately familiar with its wonders.


Instead of following the usual tourist routes, I prioritize exploring lesser-known paths that offer comfortable travel and authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. These hidden gems are only appreciated by those seeking something different.

THE IDEA For years, tourism has transformed entire villages into urban amusement parks, available to tourists who make the most of them, without limiting the possible damage to nature and its inhabitants.

Majolica aims to support exploration and knowledge of the area, minimizing the negative impact on a social, natural, and economic level, helping locals, and preserving the assets that Sicily offers. All this is achieved through local sustainability initiatives, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, drawn up by the United Nations.

Specialized in Small Groups Travels, the itineraries in Sicily proposed by Majolica are coherent with the Responsible Travel Principles. I’ve limited the maximum number of guests in a single group to 12 people. I aim to favor a better and more exclusive experience, minimizing the damage that a larger group of people could cause to the territory. I have put these principles into practice in my Nature Trails in Sicily, designed for a few guests. In this way, we don’t compromise the explored nature in some way.


I want to apply the same principles to all the experiences in Sicily. Other examples can be our Cooking Classes in Sicily. These experiences are limited to very few guests to allow everyone to enjoy the activity. We want everyone to learn how to cook our fantastic Sicilian recipes without spoiling the experience due to the excessive number of participants!

Majolica Office in Palermo


Our office is located in Palermo, the Sicilian capital, and our knowledge of the area is essential to ensure a trip worthy of our guests.